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This Project

This project seeks to identify the key issues that contribute to the introduction and spread of AIS via commerce, focusing on the numerous supply chain actors that buy and sell plants and animals via commerce. The goal is to work with these supply chain actors and the agencies responsible for monitoring and regulatory mechanisms that address the key issues. 

Who Benefits

Everyone benefits from the reduced spread of aquatic invasive species, from water managers to water consumers. People that trade aquatic plant and animal species also benefit from mechanisms, both voluntary and administrative, that ultimately protect their trade and ensure its viability for the future.

The Deliverables

Specifically, we seek to produce:


  • An action plan that incorporates a suite of best management practices, voluntary codes of conduct, and enhanced regulatory mechanisms that help to ensure the continuance of the plant and animal trade while minimizing transport and spread of aquatic invasive species. 

  • Toolkits for buyers, sellers, and government agencies will be created that assist those entities in their supply chain roles, from manufacturing, to buying and selling, to administrative oversight and monitoring.

  • Model regulatory language to address key gaps and challenges in AIS in commerce.

Project Team

Leah Elwell

Conservation Collaborations, LLC


Lisa DeBruyckere, President

Creative Resource Strategies, LLC


Stephanie Otts

National Sea Grant Law Center

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